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Once your initial research is done, and emails sent, you will certainly then make a small selection of photographers who seem to match your criteria. You will then have to meet them, or at least make a Skype / Whatsapp with them to find out more about their way of working and see if the feeling goes well between you.

Here then (in bulk), a small selection of relevant questions, to ask and which however are not often addressed by the bride and groom. Don't hesitate to bombard photographers with all kinds of questions. Even the ones that you think are the silliest. Above all, keep in mind the purpose of these meetings, which is to have the photos that best suit you, with the photographer you trust, and who will make you feel comfortable.

1. How many complete wedding reports did you do?

3. How do you ensure the security of the photos?

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Extremely important question, but once again very little discussed by the bride and groom.

Ask how the photographer is doing to ensure the maximum integrity of your photos.

If there is not at least the taking of the duplicate photos (that is to say that each photo is taken in duplicate automatically and injected directly on two different memory cards) it can be problematic if a card fails (and yes, it does).

I'm not talking about different backups on multiple media after the wedding.

Underneath this question hides crucial information, yet one that is not often sought after by future married couples. It is to know the experience of the photographer.

Even if quantity is not a sign of quality, it is obvious that a photographer who has made 150 weddings and another who has done 20, will not have the same experience in the field, and therefore the ability to advise, support , anticipate and adapt when he is in the rush or faced with problems on D-Day.

The experience of the photographer is in my opinion one of the most important factors to be taken into account by the bride and groom. But it is nevertheless the most neglected.

2. What photo equipment do you use?

The question here is not whether the equipment makes good photos (it doesn't exist, it's the photographers who take good photos) but to know the range and the number of cameras, lenses, cards, etc. in order to get an idea of the photographer's ability to overcome any technical problems on D-Day.

For example, if the cameras only have one memory card slot, or if the photographer only has 2 lenses or sees a single camera, you may start to wonder.

Having high-end professional gear can also be important. It is very expensive equipment, of course, but it is not afraid of rain, dust, etc., and which is still less likely to be stranded in difficult conditions. But zero risk obviously does not exist.

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4. What if you have a physical problem on the wedding day?

5. Do you have professional civil insurance?

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Another important point to take into account. Imagine your photographer invonlotly upsetting your grandmother, or hurting one of your guests ...

Unfortunately, this is something that can happen. No risk does not exist. And the same goes for all of your providers.

For 10 years, I have been able to build up a fairly substantial network of serious photographers, and in the same style as me. If I cannot do your report (which has never happened to me yet), I will activate the levers of my networks, to find a photographer available and more or less in the same vein as me.

6. Is it possible to see a full wedding report?

This will give you a global view of the photographer's work. There are a lot of photos that are not featured on our websites. In particular the photos of groups, of families asked, the signing of registers, etc. But you have to know how to do them!

It’s also a way to see the way the photographer “tells” the stories. Story-telling is an integral part of the job. You will also be able to judge the homogeneity of the complete report, the percentage of black and white used, the treatments at different times of the day, etc.

Also, don't hesitate to ask to see a wedding that was held in winter indoors, or on a rainy day, in difficult conditions. Don't forget to ask for stories with dinner and prom.

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