A reportage like you | Your personality and your couple are the main elements of the photo report. I make sure to transcribe who you are, and the relationship you have with your families and friends with sincerity.

Each couple is unique. Emotions are different. Without artifice, I tell your day with spontaneous, intimate, original, and true images.

Marriage is the culmination of your love story. Beyond this very important moment in your life as a couple, this day will be marked forever by the reunion of all the people you love.

An elegant & timeless style | Elegance, spontaneity, naturalness, and timelessness are the primary elements of my wedding reports.

The services that I offer to future bride and groom are part of a perspective of excellence from start to finish, to enhance your wedding through my photos.

If you find yourself in this vision and approach to wedding photo reporting, I may be the photographer you are looking for!

Experienced photographer | Wedding photographer since 2010, I am passionate about capturing the most memorable moments of your life with empathy and involvement.

Repeatedly awarded the most prestigious international wedding photography awards.

Based in the west of France, I travel regularly in Europe, and everywhere else to meet couples who love my universe, and my style.



Christine & Finch

Isaure & Romain