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      The Photographer

      Wedding photographer since 2011, I am based in the west of France, right on the border of Brittany. I obviously move everywhere else, always with pleasure when it comes to capturing beautiful stories!

      My Style

      The words that always come up when people talk about my photos are: spontaneous, natural and real. They tell me about something special in my style.

      I like the colorful and bright images. I also like to use black and white and intimate atmospheres to match the moment.

      I approach my photo reports a bit like a film. I set the scene, present the characters, the places, the details, the scenario. Except that here, the story is very real, and that it is up to me to photograph the moments on the spot. There is no second prize!

      I view and process each selected photo one by one. It is for me a step as important as the shooting, the framing, or the composition of an image. Inadequate treatment can completely ruin beautiful shots. Do not abuse fashionable treatments, and take timeless photos, this is what I want for my couples.

      My Philosophy

      The confidence and the feeling between the couples and me are always the starting point of all my reports or all my photo sessions. When everyone feels comfortable, spontaneity takes over, and creativity can be limitless. In this case, I like to try and offer new things to couples. Get out of my comfort zone for new and original photos.

      Like my newlyweds, I want to take intimate, funny, romantic, spontaneous, quirky, simple and human photos. I like it when people let go, and let go, simply guided by their emotions.

      My Experience

      I acquired a lot of experience in the purely technical and practical realization on the reportage wedding photos. So I was able to compile tons of little tips and advice for the bride and groom to solve the problems I have sometimes encountered. I will therefore be delighted to be able to make you benefit from all this experience if I become your photographer, and accompany you throughout this adventure beyond the simple fact of making your photo report.

      Absolutely all the photos you see on my site, come from very real weddings, with real couples, real family stories, and real guests. The same goes for all couple or engagement sessions. Days and moments are not played, or staged. Adaptability is therefore an integral part of my experience, and of my work. Because no wedding day, no couple, no family is alike.


      My Goal

      Imagining that in 10 or 20 years, you, your friends, and your family members will remember all these beautiful moments by proudly turning the pages of your wedding album, is for me the ultimate outcome of my work. I give all my energy, and all my passion for the transmission of a few moments of life, that time inexorably erases memories.