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Wedding photographer since 2010, I put all my energy and my passion to accompany couples in this beautiful wedding adventure, and to immortalize these magical moments.

Beyond the photographic aspect, I think that a good report always begins with a human story. Every bride and groom, and every wedding, is unique to me, and that should be reflected in the pictures.

Elegance, timelessness and emotion are at the heart of my images. The services that I offer you are part of a perspective of excellence from start to finish, to enhance your wedding through photos.

Words that always come up when people talk about my photos are: spontaneous, natural and elegant. They tell me about something special in my photos. I like to make colorful and bright pictures. I also like to use black and white and intimate atmospheres to match the moment.

I create my photo reports a bit like a movie. I set the scene, present the characters, the places, the details, the scenario. Except that here, the story is very real, and it's up to me to photograph at the right time. There is no second take!

I view and process each selected photo one by one. It is for me a step as important as the shooting, the framing or the composition of an image. Inadequate processing can completely ruin great shots. Don't overdo the trendy treatments and take timeless photos, that's what I want for my couples.

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During the last ten years, I have gained a lot of experience in technical practice, and in the management of different situations during weddings. So I have compiled tons of little tips and advice that I will gladly pass on to the bride and groom, in order to achieve the best photo report.

All the photos posted on my site are from real weddings, with real couples, real family stories and real guests. The same goes for couple or engagement sessions. Days and moments are neither played out nor staged. Adaptability is therefore an integral part of my experience and my work. Because no wedding day, no couple, no family is alike.

Awarded several times by international photo competitions, and published by several of the most influential wedding blogs in France and abroad, I have the chance to fully live my passion today by constantly evolving in the world of wedding.

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The real photo adventure for me began in 2010. Always a bit of a dreamer, artist, passionate, and therefore (very) excessive, that's when I discovered this mode of expression.

I find a lot of inspiration in cinema and music. But also in my memories, and in the observation of what surrounds me. Observe. It's something I can do for hours without getting bored. Observe people. On the terrace of a cafe, or while waiting for a train. On vacation, or while shopping. Simply observe.

Very young, I had to learn to fend for myself, and that developed in me a certain tendency to be positive in all situations. I always try to find the best in the worst.

In life, I seem to be funny, and nice! I'm more of a (very) bon vivant, and it never takes long to convince me of a night out with friends!

I love the sea, Brittany, drinking a good whiskey (but never alone), going to bed (very) late, driving at night, film music, dogs, black coffee without sugar, feminine elegance, artists, the tennis played by Rafa, my friends, my life.

And above all, my wife and my son, without whom I would not be who I am today.

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