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      Your memories in the most prestigious cases

      To truly appreciate your photos, there will never be anything better than having them on paper. To be able to “touch” them physically. Watching photos on a computer screen or on your laptop is nice and practical, but it will never replace the feeling of paper. A real photo album is above all, a beautiful, elegant, unique and refined object that you will be proud to show, and that each member of the family can open at leisure.

      Leafing through his album is above all about being able to appreciate moments of conviviality by remembering these good memories. Imagine these great family meals, or those aperitif evenings with friends, where everyone can pass the album from hand to hand. You have surely already felt this curiosity and this incredible pleasure by rediscovering photos in an album with your parents or grandparents. The warmth of the paper, the colors, the smell … We can never say the same for a USB stick or an iPad!

      The album is a summary of your photo report. We integrate the best images, the most coherent for the story, and the most impactful to feel the emotions, on each page. It is a job that I do for you, and to which you can obviously bring your personal touch. I can assure you that you will (re) discover your photos completely by seeing them in a beautiful book.

      I made the choice to offer very high-end photo albums, in order to be consistent with my overall photographic approach, which is to offer the most qualitative and successful services and products possible. Each album is protected by an elegant velvet bag and accompanied by its presentation box. These albums are made by hand, and checked at each stage of the process by experienced craftsmen. The colors, the skin tones, the contrasts are scrupulously respected as I wanted them. The finishing details are perfect.

      The books I offer in the formulas are all in 30×30 formats, with 80 pages. From experience, (and having tested many things), it turns out that this size and this number of pages are perfect for telling your wedding day well, and enjoying your photos in an ideal size. By proposing a number of pages and a smaller size, we would be obliged to add pages one by one, and ultimately, you would pay more for your book. For information, in a 30X30 book, 80 pages, we put a hundred photos around.

      I therefore invite you to discover two collections chosen and composed by me. Other books are available on request (wood, velvet, etc.)

      The Collection “Natural”

      This collection is perfect for nature lovers. With its bohemian side, it is the perfect harmony between wood and 100% natural linen.

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      The collection “Toscane”

      This collection exudes chic and elegance. A magnificent wooden box for inserting the book, itself made of genuine Italian leather from Tuscany and ten “matted” prints with a mat that you can display like real works of art.

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      • 100% natural linen blanket
      • Wooden box with the same coating as the book
      • Several colors possible
      • Flat opening
      • Customizable uv print on book cover
      • Thick pages (800gr)
      • Fuji Premium Quality Matte Photo Paper
      • Format 30×30
      • 80 pages
      More details on collection "Natural"


      • Genuine Italian Tuscan leather cover
      • Wooden box with space for prints and usb stick
      • Several colors possible
      • Flat opening
      • Ten matted prints with master key
      • Stamping of first names on the cover of the book
      • Thick pages (800gr)
      • Fuji Premium Quality Matte Photo Paper
      • Format 30×30
      • 80 pages
      More details on collection Toscane