The engagement Session

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By doing your research for photographers for your wedding, you are bound to hear about “engagement sessions”, “Love Session” or even “Engagement session”.

Fairly little known in France a few years ago, it is now very common, and couples love it!

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What exactly is an engagement or engagement session?

It’s simply a pre-wedding couple photoshoot. The name comes from the English translation “Engagment session”. Literally, engagement session in French.

The main idea is to take great photos of yourself, before you get married. Few couples have real photos other than selfies. It is also a real moment of exchange between us.

What is his goal ?


For my part, it allows me to understand a little about your state of mind and how you feel about the camera. And you, it allows you to see how a photoshoot goes with me. So when the wedding day arrives, there will be no more apprehension on that side. And I assure you it makes a huge difference!

If you aren't necessarily comfortable with having your picture taken, this is the perfect shoot, too. You will see how you can get natural, spontaneous, romantic photos, while having fun, and without really feeling like you're posing, or forcing yourself to “pretend”.

You will see that this is also a good time when the two of you can get together, and breathe a little into the wedding planning which can be hectic at times. A real breath of fresh air in sometimes busy lives.

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How is the session going?

Depending on your personality, your desires, your possibilities, we will discuss what would be ideal for you. I will give you all the info and tips you need to have a shoot that suits you and your mood while adding my photographic style.

I will give you some avenues for reflection, without imposing on you places or already established ideas. I don't want to take pictures of couples “on the chain”, but to do unique shoots for each couple. This is why your story is important.

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Where can we do the engagement session?

Absolutely anywhere. The only limit is your (our) imagination, and our agendas. Indoors for a cocooning session, or outdoors, again, I will give you several avenues to think about on how to approach the possible places.

For example, you can combine vacations and sessions. If you are in a heavenly corner, I can meet you there for a day (or more) of shooting.

Everything is possible !

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