Intimate Session

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And if you opt for an intimate session (intimate couple photos)? Here is a different way to capture the complicity and tenderness of a couple. It is a style of session that I like very much and that I wanted to offer for a long time and I finally had the time and the opportunity to realize this very first “Intimate Session” in Rennes. Imagine a rainy Sunday, the desire to do nothing. Eat a bite, drink a tea, bubble on the sofa or under the duvet in a cocooning atmosphere. It’s a very different way for me to approach these indoor sessions.

The light, the atmosphere, the interaction, etc … are even more to take into account. And, these sessions are also the way to immortalize moments spent in these places that will follow you throughout your married life.

If you are not particularly comfortable in public for photo sessions, or if you simply prefer a beautiful session in your usual environment, this is the right choice. We are often attached to places in which we spend several times several years. They are loaded with memories, meetings, parties, friendships.

Small moments of intimate lives in your home. There, the idea …