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      Civil wedding in Noirmoutier France photographe-noirmoutier-stephane-leludec

      This civil wedding ceremony in Noirmoutier is just a tiny part of what should have been one of my most beautiful weddings. It was planned that in 2020, Judith and Samuel would celebrate their union in the beautiful setting of the Château de Vallery, near Paris. The very one that served as the backdrop for the film the sense of celebration. A superb Jewish ceremony in the gardens of the castle was scheduled there. Several themes and universes for dinner and the evening were already defined. Obviously, this whole day should have been a huge celebration for the bride and groom and their families. But all of this was a bit before this fucking virus came and changed the plans of the entire planet.

      Determined to get married, they still keep the civil ceremony which was already scheduled at the town hall of Noirmoutier. So I did this first part of the report with great pleasure of course, while waiting to be able (perhaps) one day to celebrate this marriage with dignity as it was originally planned. What an irony of fate for a couple who are both doctors at hospitals in Paris.

      Anyway, the good atmosphere was there, and we were able to enjoy a setting with excellent weather throughout the day, to end with a beautiful couple photo shoot on the beaches of Noirmoutier . Hoping to be able to show you more one day, maybe.