Differents styles in wedding photography

Today, the wedding photo can be called “artistic”. Which has not always been the case. And as in all art, there are fashions and trends. These trends are well perceived by the bride and groom, but are not consciously identified. We realize this during exchanges with couples. They tell us about weird filters, or photos with a “smoky” aspect, or even “faded” colors.

In my opinion, the style of a photographer is built by his artistic, emotional and technical choices. The framing, the composition, the analysis of the light. Knowing how to “feel” for a moment, knowing how to place yourself in the right place at the right time, analyzing a scene from an outside perspective. Knowing how to use the technical settings according to what you want to show in the image. But the style, or the final “mood” of an image is also achieved through processing and retouching. And today, treatments have taken a huge place in the final rendering of a wedding report. The Insta effect, and the ease of use of the software, no doubt. But I will come back to this in another article.

Be careful, there is no one style better or worse than the others. You just have to know the one that suits you, or better, the one that does not suit you at all! So I’m going to take a quick look at some of the hottest styles right now, to try and help you see more clearly in this jungle of wedding photography.

Finally, be aware that most photographers (including me) do not really fit into these boxes or these styles. For my part, I take a little of all these styles and I integrate them into my reports according to the feeling of the moment, the events, the bride and groom, the atmosphere. I like images with a lot of emotions as much as beautiful, super elegant and posed photos. It’s all about open-mindedness, and not getting locked in.


This type of image comes from the name of the association “Fearless Photographers”, which certainly brings together the largest community of wedding photographers in the world, and without a doubt the most talented. Fearless owes its success to the competitions held there throughout the year. The most exciting, and the most prestigious. Very focused on photojournalism, reporting, the moment, creativity, originality, emotion, fun, with quite often rather “harsh” treatments in black and white.

Check out my award-winning photos on fearless here: Fearless Photographer

Differents styles in wedding photography stephane_leludec-38 Differents styles in wedding photography stephane_leludec-28

Who does this style correspond to?

Well, I want to say that this is the style that could match (almost) everyone. There aren’t really any typical bride and groom for the fearless style, but they are still often the bride and groom who have a “good photo eye”, or who practice photography themselves, with a good culture of the image, and who put emotions at the center of their reports. Who will often prefer a photo with a context, and human interactions, rather than decorative photos, or rings.

The +:

  • Emotionally powerful images.
  • Lots of research and creativity among photographers
  • Quite a timeless style.

The – :

  • The story telling is sometimes neglected by the photographer by dint of looking for THE IMAGE.
  • The treatments are sometimes very (too) extensive.
  • Sometimes quite unattractive.


This style of photo is very identifiable, and very “marked”, especially in the treatment of the image. It’s a very cinematic style, where the general “mood” of the reporting plays a very important role. Often quite dark, with desaturated colors (especially green) and brown / orange tints. Highlights a little “cottony”, and deep blacks. It is the style very in vogue for 3 or 4 years now, and which has a big “wow” effect on the future bride and groom.

Differents styles in wedding photography MARINE-ET-GEORGES-MARIAGE-78 Differents styles in wedding photography MARINE-ET-GEORGES-MARIAGE-527

Who does this style correspond to?

We often find married a little “free & wild”. Tattooed, bearded, nature lovers, eco-friendly, vintage, who very often organize their weddings with a ceremony in rather atypical places. In a field, in the middle of a forest, on top of a mountain, on the beach, etc. Quite unconventional, we are very far from so-called traditional weddings.

The +:

  • A beautiful cinematic atmosphere.
  • An often well respected story-telling.
  • A homogeneous and identifiable treatment (when it is well controlled)

The – :

  • Sometimes completely unrealistic and uncontrolled treatments and colors.
  • Very little creativity and research in the shots.
  • Certainly the least timeless style. What will you think of it in 10 years?


This style of photos is very bright, very low contrast, soft, with pastel colors. It is a style where the “posing of the couple” takes an important place. We also see a lot of photos of decoration, flowers, tables, estates. It exudes a very elegant, refined atmosphere, where the details are of great importance. Luxury goes perfectly with this type of image.

Differents styles in wedding photography ANDREA-ET-PATRICK-478-2 Differents styles in wedding photography ANDREA-ET-PATRICK-522-2

Who does this style correspond to?

Brides and grooms who (really) match this style of photography are often strangers. Very elegant people, with a culture of “beauty”, who navigate the world of luxury (even ultra luxury), and who love images such as fashion photos, and editorial. They are very lavish weddings, with budgets of several hundred thousand euros. Very, very few French photographers really have this clientele. The rest being a bit of “Fine Art Wish”

The +

  • Elegant, refined images.
  • Timeless style.
  • A real focus on the couple and the details

The –

  • Very little (if at all) creative
  • Slightly flat and redundant images
  • Very few “moments”, and emotions.

PS 1: These analyzes, and these opinions only engage me, that certainly, many photographers do not share. So guys, no need to send me “not happy” messages! 😉

PS 2: All the photos shown in this article are my own, and therefore, may not exactly reflect (if at all) this or that style. I invite you to go see the work of these photographers that I appreciate to get your own idea.

Fine Art : Greg Finck / Cedrick Klein / Celine Chan

Moody : The Quirky / Eric Renée Penoy /

Fearless : Victor Lax / Fabio Mirulla / The Two Mann